Monday, January 31, 2011

Greece, from Sparta & Athena domination to financial crisis.

An historical country (also a crisis country) !

Here its Delphi !

I've been in : Athena, Delphia and Thessaloniki. I made this trip by train from Istanbul in an old but comfortable train.

Here its'in Athena the great Parthenon

And finally the last wall of the great librairy of Hadrian 


  1. Once went to Greece, its a great place, too bad its in a big crisis

  2. I've been here! Great country for visiting at least once in lifetime :)

  3. If I ever have money to travel, Greece would definitely be on my list

  4. Dem pillars.
    The architecture looks interesting though, really.

  5. I lived for years in Greece and i have to say that the only bad thing about Greece is political situation,everything else is great,women,sea,people...aaaahhhh.Great post full of memories.

  6. I was in Greece for two weeks and these old structures are really impressive.

    Nice Post!

  7. uuh been there done that,

    you schould really visit greece,
    it is amazing